Horizons in Clinical Neurophysiology

Topics will be addressed by top-level speakers and chairpersons providing state-of-the art lectures, together with new and original data from young colleagues, ensuring lively and elightening discussions. The programme will include live demonstrations of novel techniques by experts in each field.


Session 1 Neurophysiology in Neonates and Infants 

EEG recording in premature babies

EEG recording on the neonatal ITU

Use of infra-red imaging in neonates

Free presentations x2

Session 2 Advances in peripheral nerve disease

Diagnosis, classification and treatment of peripheral neuropathy with conduction block

Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy

Free presentations x3-4

Session 3 Therapeutic use of Brain Stimulation

Repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation

European recommendations on use of non-invasive cortical stimulation

Direct Current Brain Stimulation in treatment after stroke

Free Presentations x 2

Session 4 Peripheral neurophysiology in children

General approach to investigation of children under the age of 10

Congenital myasthenia in the UK

Free presentations x 3

Session 5 Clinical neurophysiology and the understanding of pain

Insight into clinical (and pharmacological) aspects from fMRI

Insights into pain mechanisms from deep electrode brain recording

Neurosurgical treatment of chronic pain

Peripheral nerve assessment in pain syndromes

Free presentations x 3

Session 6 Neurophysiology of complex epilepsy

Use of depth electrodes in the evaluation of complex epilepsy – a French perspective.

Functional imaging in complex epilepsy

Free Presentation x 3-4

Session 7 Consciousness, Coma and ITU

Modern approach to consciousness

Neuromonitoring in ITU

Free presentations x 2